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K9 College

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K9 College



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This six-week advanced obedience course is designed for graduates of kindergarten and elementary levels who are ready to master advanced obedience skills.

Graduates will not only complete K9 College but also have the opportunity to achieve certification in the AKC Canine Good Citizen program upon completion.

Any one of the following options can be completed to attend

  • Attendance in a prior 6-week course with the Academy
  • AKC STAR Puppy Certificate
  • Behavioral Consultation 

Required Equipment:

  • 6ft Leash (Cotton or Leather recommended)
  • 20ft Leash (Cotton or Leather recommended)
  • Hungry dog
  • Dog Treats
  • Non-Skid Rug

Encouraged Equipment:

  • Collars/Harnesses
  • Flat Buckle Collar
  • Slip Leash or Martingale collar
    • For mild pullers or beginning training
  • Gentle Leaders
    • For dogs that are extremely difficult to handle
    • Works best for fat faces like Mastiffs
  •  Walk N Train Head Collar
    • For dogs that are extremely difficult to handle
    • For long nose dogs like german shepards

Discouraged / Prohibited Equipment:

  • Pinch Collar Discouraged
  • Harnesses that attach on the back discouraged.

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