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K9 Elementary

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K9 Elementary



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A six-week course focusing on foundational cues and leash etiquette, designed for graduates of puppy preschool, adolescent dogs, and adult adopted dogs. The course includes engaging activities such as toy rewards, scent work, and scenic walks.

K9 Elementary offers different seasonal variants. Here are the options:

Basic Indoor Course (October - April)
Conducted indoors at the Fortuna Veterans building, this class emphasizes foundational cues for adult dogs with no prior training experience, as well as dogs that have completed a puppy course and require further education.

Working for Play (April - October)
A six-week course designed to help owners enhance their skills in using positive reinforcement in various ways. This integrative indoor-outdoor class encourages the use of toys, treats, and nose work.

On the go (April - October)
A course designed for owners and dogs who need leash manners training, exposure to new environments, and a taste for adventure. Each week, the class will visit a different location, including Fortuna, Ferndale, and Eureka. This class is ideal for people who prefer flat trails and easy-going terrain and provides exposure to areas with high foot traffic.

Trail Hiking! (April - October)
A fun and adventurous intermediate course designed for the adventurous duo. Humans and dogs should be fit enough to tackle long-distance trails with varying terrains and inclines, such as beaches and forest trails. Each week, we explore a new trail in Humboldt County, from Fortuna to Arcata. This is a high-energy class for those who enjoy a brisk pace and a spirited approach to adventure.


Life Stage: 6 months or older

Required Equipment:

  • 6ft Leash (Cotton or Leather recommended)
  • 20ft Leash (Cotton or Leather recommended)
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog's favorite Toy
  • Non-Skid Rug (October - May)

Discouraged / Prohibited Equipment:

  • Pinch Collar Discouraged

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