Janna with her pets, Levi, Rose, Daisy, and Bling the horse.
Janna with her pets, Levi, Rose, Daisy, and Bling the horse.

About Us

Welcome to Redwood Coast K9 Academy, where your dog's journey to obedience and understanding begins. I'm Janna Campillo, the founder and sole trainer, with a lifelong passion for animals and extensive experience as a Veterinary Assistant. Since starting as a dog trainer in 2006 and founding this academy in 2011, I've dedicated myself to nurturing the bond between dogs and their owners through tailored training programs like Puppy Preschool and K9 College.

At Redwood Coast K9 Academy, we cater to all stages of your dog's development. Each program is designed to address the unique needs of your pet, ensuring they achieve their full potential. Join us for a transformative experience where I personally guide you and your dog towards a deeper understanding and lasting obedience. Let's build a strong, loving bond that enriches every aspect of your lives together. 🐾

Janna Campillo

Founder of Redwood Coast K9 Academy

Why Choose us

Expert Training Meets Personalized Care

Redwood Coast K9 Academy is distinguished by the personalized and expert training provided by Janna Campillo, its founder and sole trainer. With a background as a Veterinary Assistant and over a decade of experience in dog training, Janna tailors each program to meet the unique developmental needs of every sdog, from Puppy Preschool to K9 College. This ensures a comprehensive training experience that not only teaches obedience but also strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners.

Opting for Redwood Coast K9 Academy means choosing a training environment where every session is guided by Janna's passion for animals and commitment to their well-being. Her focused attention guarantees effective learning and lasting results, making Redwood Coast K9 Academy the perfect choice for owners seeking a deeper, more enriching relationship with their dogs.

Janna with her pets, Levi, Rose, Daisy, and Bling the horse.

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