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Lessons with Janna

Workshops: Two week course on specific topics such as Recall, Heel, Desensitization, Socialization. Workshops held at fun locations like some of the best local beaches and parks. Also offered in winter at indoor training locations.

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Phone Consultation  Purchase now

$75.00 Connect with Janna via your phone for one hour.  Discuss your concerns and get advice about you four-legged friend. Consult includes followup email with training plan.



ALT NAMENight Walks Purchase now

$100.00 - Three week Class. A classroom without borders course designed for dogs who need leash manners and exposure to other dogs as well as the outside world. This course is designed for all ages over five months and is suitable for mildly reactive dogs as well. They are held in the evenings in well lit public locations with good social challenges for the dogs.

ALT NAMEK9 FUNdamentals  Purchase now

$100.00 - Three week Class  An intermediate clicker training course for graduates of Kindergarten class or any friendly dog over 8 months of age. Dogs should know some basic cues to enter this course.


ALT NAMEBack to Basics':   Purchase now

$100.00 - Three week Class.  Basic obedience and manners for dogs 8 months and up. Suitable for any dog who hasn’t had much training and socialization but are free from aggression.


ALT NAMEPuppy PreSchool Purchase now

$125.00 - A 5 week training course designed for the young puppy. Socialization is key to raising a great dog. Training is held indoors in a clean environment for those puppies who aren't fully vaccinated yet.



ALT NAMEPuppy Kindergarten  Purchase now

$150.00 - Puppy Kindergarten is a six week training course designed to start you and your puppy off right. Training cues and socialization are the main interest in this positive training course. 



ALT NAMECanine Elementary Purchase now

$150.00 - Six week Class Canine Elementary is an adult dog group training category now.



ALT NAMEBehavioral Consultation  Purchase now

Starting at $150.00 - An in depth Individual training session held in person either at a neutral location or in the owners home. Contact the trainer for a quote today.


ALT NAMEWalk & Train Purchase now

$75.00 - Available on Fortuna area only. A 45 minute intensive walking experience for your dog. Owners do not have to be present for this as I can come during the day while your at work.



ALT NAMEFit & Focus Hiking Class  Purchase now

$100.00  - Hiking classes held in three week blocks of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Trails visited span from Fortuna to Trinidad area.



ALT NAMETraining Workshop  Purchase now

$80.00 - Two 90 minute group class sessions on specific topics such as Heel, Recall and good manners. Held at fun locations like the local beaches, parks and old town Eureka.